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School ERP software is a robust, time-updated educational ERP system. The online school management system is integrated with the advanced modules to enable faculty & educators to digitize the daily work processes of educational institutions. School ERP simplifies the complex administrative & non-administrative tasks including online admissiononline fees managementexamination management, assessments, etc. Thus, the benefits of the school management system are numerous in terms of improving productivity, efficiency & ROI.

School management software is an information management system used by educational institutions to manage all student’s records. It is specially designed to manage all the administrative work of schools, colleges, and institutions. It has many modules that help teaching and non-teaching staff maintain student activities. Modules like daily attendance, timetable management, managing academic records, fees management, student assessments, and more.

Ireava School Management ERP works to provide easing the administration process, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The solution is cloud-based and supports various daily useful integrations such as – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, biometric, mobile apps, email alerts, auto SMS reminders, etc. School management software is agile and can be modified according to the requirements of the institution.

online school management system - Ireava
Ireava School Management System Software

Why Online School Management System Software?

Ireava believes advancement is achieved when administrative and managerial activities in an educational institution are automated. As school administrators need to manage activities like online-offline admission, online-offline fees, online-offline exams, school infrastructure, school goods, and other parts of the school. While keeping a tab on daily students & faculty activities, their efficiency & overall productivity; the need to digitize the work processes with a school management system software is paramount.

Benefits Of School Management System

The following list highlights the top benefits of the school management system.

  • Empower teachers & students through the E-learning platform
  • Daily updates of school activities to staff, students and parents.
  • Reduce paperwork and go paperless with School ERP.
  • Bring 2x effeciency in the man power.
  • Generate 100% accurate detailed reports with ERP school software.
  • Allocate and manage resources properly.
  • Helps to build strong relationships between parents and school.
  • Streamline financial management.
  • Elegant School website, to showcase your school’s vision and mission for education.
  • 100% optimum ERP for school that you can control anywhere, anytime.
  • School library management system to find library books availability and download e-books online.
  • Online admission system for driving better efficiency & student enrollment.
  • Online fee collection & payment portal integration for hasslefree school payments.

Features Of School ERP Software

Attendance Management
We provide multiple options to mark student attendance and staff attendance using ERP login, mobile application, Barcode Scan, and RFID/Biometric. Track in-out time and get reports of attendance quickly with a single click. Get 5+ attendance reports.

Reception Desk
Manage reception desk activities like student information, gate pass, visitors book, admissions, complaint system, staff recruiter cell, parcel details, call details. Get 8+ reception-related reports.

360-degree Profile View
View every student and staff profile in 360 deg Profile view. Get complete information and view it in one place.

Advanced Search Filters
Ireava provides multiple search filters to sort data that can help to sort and search data within a second.

Examination Management
Manage all exam results, assign regular and optional subjects and marks according. Generate a report card for students with multiple parameters use. Generate admit card, control result status on the app. Track student’s exam performance anytime. Get 5+ exam-related reports.

Online Examination
Create a question bank with MCQ, multiple options, integer type, subjective type questions with 4 types of marking parameters. Create and schedule exams for classes with multiple exam parameters. Get 4+ Online exam reports.

Notice Board
Create a real-time and scheduled notice/circular using the app or ERP. Send to all, groups or classes. You can attach a doc also in the notice/circular.

Real-Time Chatting System
Chat with students, staff, create groups, add/delete members. Get real-time chat done on our app.

Multiple Branch Management
You got a school with multiple branches, no problem we will help you to manage all your branches with a single login. Manage all the branches using one single login.

Certificates and ID Cards
Create your own design ID cards and Certificates. Create a certificate for any event, SLC, CC, and more.

Finance Management
Manage your school finance with Ireava ERP so easily. Income, expense, cash management, bank entries tally, and more. Get 10+ finance reports.

Payroll Management
Manage all staff payroll so easily. You need to define salary, attendance, deductions, taxes, and ERP will generate payslip automatically as per the attendance timesheet.

Study Center
Provide docs, images, videos, audio to the students for study. Upload content class-wise and for all the students.

Library Management
Manage offline and online libraries. Get an e-library on your mobile app. Students can search available books, download e-books and pay fines online. Get 5+ library reports.

School Website
Manage your school website with Ireava. To get more admissions, the website is important because it helps to build online presence and reviews gain trust in schools. We provide an attractive and dynamic school website that will build your online presence.

Pre-Defined Website Modules
Events, News, School Scholars, Circulars, Online admission form, staff job form, complaint form, social media accounts, google map location, app download link. Besides this, schools can add a number of pages and show any type of content.

Alumni Management
Manage school alumni, SMS, or mail them for events easily.

ERP Settings
Do change theme, print logo, and details. Change session details, roles permissions, create new roles, fees receipt design, lesson plan settings. Enable/disable ERP modules, student profile edit rights, and more settings that will allow schools to control ERP as per their requirements.

Mobile Application
A mobile app is important for communication. So, schools can log in using our app and they can also get their own app on the play store for better branding and communication.

Online & Offline Admission Module
Manage student offline and online admissions effectively with payment gateway enabled. Auto online form admission module to save time and paperwork. Get 5+ Admission reports.

Manage Users Roles & Modules
Manage ERP permission rights for teaching and non-teaching staff. Assign rights to staff as per their job position. Admin can also manage modules as per the staff roles and rights.

Manage Academics
Manage school classes, sections, subjects, optional subjects, class teachers, timetable, promote and transfer students.

Custom Fields for Student and Staff
Add any type of field in the student and staff enrollment form. Change the order of the fields with multiple other options.

Import/Export Option
Import bulk data using the CSV files in the students, staff, fees, marks, library, and many other modules. Export data using multiple options like CSV, excel, pdf, and more.

Data Reports
Ireava provides 40+ data reports and analyses in the ERP. You can find all required reports in the ERP. Just a click, and download your report.

Lesson Planning
Create lesson plans for the classes. General and advanced lesson plans can be added to the Ireava ERP. Schedulable future content easily in Ireava ERP. Check the syllabus status for the created lessons. Get 3+ Lesson plan reports.

Email, SMS, and Whatsapp
Send bulk SMS, Emails, and Whatsapp to groups, classes, and individuals using the ERP. You can set auto SMS, Email, and Whatsapp to some tasks.

Payment Gateway Integration
Collect online fees, admission fees, and other event funds using the pre-integrated payment gateway. We have 7+ payment gateway options.

Online & Offline Fee Management
Add multiple fees types, groups, assign manual fees, set to auto fees assign, create discount vouchers, pre-discount assign, design your own style fee receipt, and more options you will get in our ERP. Multiple collect options with 5+ payment modes. Get 10+ fees reports.

Backup System
Create backup and download. So, does that means the school needs to take backup manually? NO, we already took backup for you. Why worry when we are here.

Transport Management
Manage routes, drivers, students, route fees, assign monthly transport fees, track school bus location, bus docs renewals, and more features are waiting for your school to work with.

Hostel Management
Manage hostel rooms, hostel-type, room fees, mess, hostel attendance, complaint, and a lot more features we have for your complete hostel management.

Inventory Management
Manage school inventory effectively. Manage all your vendors, stocks, items details easily. Ireava provides an advanced inventory system.

Docs and Activities Management
Manage students’ docs updated via ERP and students can also upload docs from their app. Get all the uploaded docs classwise in a folder. Set reminders and tasks like alarms for the future.

Homework Management
Provide homework to the students in the text and attachment form. Students can submit the homework on the app and teachers can give reviews on the provided homework.

Human Resource Management
Manage staff, staff roles, staff department, designation, attendance, rating, leaves. Every module is related to employees you can find here. It’s super easy to manage the employee part with Ireava.

Leave Management
Students and staff can apply for leave from the app and web. They can attach images, docs with the leave. Once leave is approved, attendance is automatically marked as leave.

Events and Calendar
Create school events, add a holiday calendar and all the holidays will automatically be synced with the attendance.

USP of Ireava Online School Management System Software

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 15 Days Refund Policy
  • Monthly New Updates
  • Instant Query Solve
  • 7 Days Backup System
  • Affordable Pricing Plans

Unique Features of Ireava ERP Software

  • Enable/disable Student Report Card if Fees is due.
  • Generate Printable Balance Slip of all the Students.
  • Staff Recruiter Form.
  • Online Admission Form with or without Payment.
  • Custom Receipt Book with Multiple Receipt Book Enabler.
  • ERP Space Cleaner.
  • Shortcut Keys Enabler.
  • Due Date Wise Fees Collect Enabler.
  • Learning Games for Students.
  • App Download Status Report.
  • Exam Slip Print.
  • ERP Log Book.
  • ERP Key Press Trail Report.
  • In/Out Attendance with Attendance Points.
  • Online Exam Questions Shuffler.
  • Online Exam Question Types: MCQ, Multi Option, Integer, Subjective with Attachments and Type-Box.
  • Books PDF for E-Library.
  • School Website CRM.
  • 50+ Data Reports and Custom Report Development.
  • Student Admission Form Custom Fields Create.
  • Staff Form Custom Fields Create.
  • Control Student App Modules.
  • Auto SMS Reminders.
  • Auto Backup.
  • External Daily Use Direct Links.
  • Universal Student Profile Search.
  • Real Time Currency Convertor.

Note: If have any doubt or query regarding the School Management System then you can call us +91-7015097673 or mail us contact@ireava.com

visit: https://ireava.com

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