Important Skills: Every School Must Teach To Their Students

A new generation is a generation of technology. You can’t choose whether to compete or not it’s now a survival choice to compete. Think about warriors who fight in wars, one who has a better tool and good skills for a fight but one who has a good tool but better skills wins. Today, a student is a warrior their tool is their degree. Maximum students complete their degrees but not half of than average students’ also got skills. Those important skills for the students that must teach by the schools to the students will surely help students in their lifestyle.

Work on students’ skills and enhance their skills. Provide necessary knowledge and information that is needed in today’s life, not that was needed in past years. To provide proper knowledge and information, schools must upgrade themselves first.

technology - important skills for students

We will talk about the skills and information that every student must gain:

1. Information Related To Companies

First Thing First, Verify A Company Is Real or Fake

Whenever you will deal with any company for any service or goods, you must verify the company is real or fake. There are several ways to check the company’s reliability and company existence. Correct information about the company will help you to get your work done with the company else you may get cheated via the company.

Verify Company’s Reputation

After verifying the company status, you must have to check the company’s reputation because maybe the company genuinely exists but reviews about the company are not good. So, it’s important to check the reputation of the company.

Company Registration

After completing the degree or necessary studies, many people think to start their own business. There are several types of companies that you can register. Knowing what type of company suits your business best is necessary because maybe CA or CS you hire for the company formation will give you the right option. Own research and knowledge can help to go with the right choice.

Company’s Online Presence Build

When you start your business, sales are most important for any business to grow. Building an online presence will help to get more prospects and convert them into your customers or clients. Knowledge of online presence build is very useful in any stage of life.

Companies Related Terms

There are many terms that you should know. The most important need for living is money and there are several ways to earn money. If you do investments, trading, and selling then there are some terms like valuation, USP, EBITDA, and other terms that will help to understand something about the company. Every business needs registration and after registering your business in any type, you need sales and funding. These terms you must know if you want to be an entrepreneur.

2. Knowledge Related To Internet

Search For Right Website

When you surf or search on the internet for something, for the correct answer to need to get the right website. Yes, we know Google does it for you but Google has an algorithm that depends on website content, key phrases, number of visiting times, and many other factors but that doesn’t mean you will get the right website. But if your requirements are clear then using Google or any other website you may find the right website for your question.
So the conclusion is you must have knowledge of how to search for your question and where to go for the answer.

Some Useful Links

A directory of direct useful links is always better and helpful. Some good handy links always work and save you many times from many confusing situations. Always remember some direct links which are not easily searchable on Google but are helpful in some situations, always better to know.

Right URL Information

Tata is giving free Tata Ace to lucky winners just register here: You may get this type of message in your life. People definitely open this link and register their details. But do you know this type of link can harm your privacy and device? Understanding proper URL structure is important. You must identify the URL is either real or fake by seeing the URL and related information.

Real Button Vs Advertisement Button

Many people confuses between the real and fake advertising buttons. They click on a button that looks like a real download or navigates button but actually it may send malware, spyware, or any type of virus to your device. Knowledge of identifying the real button is also very much important.

Real Website or Fake Website or sometimes it’s difficult to check the exact URL because both look the same at first sight. The best part is when you opened the fake URL and UI and everything you found is the same as the real one then it’s really difficult for some people to find the difference. The result is, you entered the ID and Password to get logged in and your credentials now stole. This is also a method of hacking your IDs. Identification of real websites and URL is also much more important to know.

Instant Forms

To get polls, opinions, and submissions in real-time, Google forms are boon for us. It’s easy to create one and you must know it because you may get a situation to create one, so knowledge of forms is actually a basic thing but it’s necessary.

Instant File Send

You are working on something and have to send a file instantly to someone. You may search on Google for websites and ways to send but maybe that website will not complete your requirements. So, knowledge of these websites and ways is important for you.

Data Safety

The personal data loss problem is a common issue and many people facing it. Knowing the proper knowledge of data safety and backup can help in many situations.

Unnecessary Ads

Ads irritate it’s a fact. How to deal with the ads and block unwanted and unnecessary ads, everyone wants it. Google and other websites take paid subscriptions for removing ads on your platform. But without paying fees, if you are able to block ads then my friend you achieved immortal powers. Fact is, a knowledge of removing or blocking ads is important because sometimes your click on any unwanted ad can harm your device badly.

3. Knowledge Related To Computer

Types of Memory

Have you ever wonder, there are several types of memory available in the market but what is the use of the particular memory, and how much is needed in your system to work fast. Everyone needs laptops, mobile, and gadgets for their work. Companies are selling these gadgets at different prices with different specifications. Proper knowledge of selecting the gadget specification is much important.

Hardware Specifications

Many times people camera, RAM, and space but don’t compare processors. Processor is much more important for device performance. Proper knowledge about the processor and its benchmark will help you to buy the right device.

4. Information Related To Payments

Payment Methods

Payment is linked with everyones’ life. Once in life by anyhow, you will do the payment. You can choose any payment method. It’s helpful if you know all the payment methods available in your country and the limit of every method.

Payment Card

Usually, when you open your bank account, the bank may not ask for your preferred debit/credit card. You should ask the bank to provide you with a card that suits your business or personal life. To know which cards suit your needs you must have proper information about the available card companies and their coverage.

OTP Structure

OTP – One-time password, is required to match your identity. It can be a combination of alphanumeric characters. Don’t share your OTP campaigns are running by Government for your safety but to know what OTP to share and what not is depends on the OTP. For what purpose is the OTP is coming, this information is important.

Cryptocurrency & NFT

Two trending technologies in fintech are cryptocurrency and NFT. People want to learn about them and want to invest in them. Without proper knowledge about cryptocurrency and what NFT is used for, don’t invest and use it. You may lose your money. But if you know pretty well about them and their trend you may earn a lot from them. Bonus information is you can easily in 10 minutes launch your own crypto coin. But do it after complete information don’t follow the trend unless you understand the trend well.

Note: We in Ireava conducts online and offline sessions in the schools and talk in-depth about all these topics. If you want a session in your school and teach your students all these concepts and you can contact us.

Remember, this knowledge will not help in academic result but it will help schools to increase their reputation in social and public life. Investment on students for this knowledge will help to build trust and reputation on schools and also your school students stand ahead from other students in life.

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