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What Exactly Is School Management System Software?

School management system software is a tool specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration and learning of schools, colleges, and educational institutions.
It consists of various modules so to help the teaching and non-teaching staff to maintain student records, academic history, infrastructure-related records, staff management, and other essential student information.

An efficient school management system acts as a consolidator for the different departments/functions of a school so it can be accessed from any location at any time.
A web-based or cloud-based school management tool is the best way to manage a school in a productive, systematic, and organized manner so that you will get everything in one place.

India's Best School Management Software System - Ireava
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School Management Software Modules

Here is the list of the modules that must be in the School Management Software but why these modules are necessary. :

  • Web & Mobile Platforms
  • Transport Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Study Center
  • Hostel Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Recruiter Bucket
  • Today’s Thought
  • Push Notifications
  • Email Integration
  • School Website CMS
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Placement Test
  • News Feed
  • Events Management
  • Docs and Activities Management
  • Homework Management
  • Informative Dashboard
  • To Do List
  • Visitors Management
  • Complaint Box
  • Customized Setting
  • Alumni Management
  • HR Management
  • Bus Tracking
  • Themes Option
  • Multiple Languages
  • Modules Control
  • School Staff Login
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Parents, Students Login
  • Phone SMS System
  • Whatsapp SMS System
  • Gate Pass Generate
  • Leave Management
  • Live Class Integration
  • Teacher Rating System
  • Academics Holiday Calendar
  • Tasks & Reminders

Why Your School Requires A School Management System?

  • To provide daily updates of school activities to staff, students and parents.
  • To reduce paperwork and man work.
  • For allocating and managing resources properly.
  • ERP helps to build strong relationships between parents and school.
  • ERP helps to manage multiple branches of school.
  • It provides accurate & optimized data anytime, anywhere.
  • School ERP streamline financial management.
  • An optimum ERP for school can be controllable from anywhere, anytime.
  • It will improve teachers’ productivity as they focus on teaching and provide better result to schools.
  • School ERP saves a lot of money of the schools by eliminating the expenses of stationery and human work.

Latest Market Trends of School Management System Software

  1. A user-friendly mobile application for staff and students so they can access anytime, anywhere easily.
  2. Real time communication between staff and students so to clear doubts easily and do fast communication.
  3. A fully secure system in terms of data and communication because we care for your data and privacy.
  4. Complete access to school administrations so they can control every part of the school.
  5. Brain exercise games to the students so they can make their brain more active.
  6. Engageable and interactive platform to the students so they can learn better.
  7. Complete management for the school admins in terms of academics, fees, infrastructure, hr, inventory, transport, finance and more.

Get ROI On Your Investment

Ireava school ERP software will manage every part of your school. It’s not beautiful in design and easy to use, it is well developed also. Ireava school ERP is a fully optimized ERP solution so, you will get the maximum output with our ERP tool.

India's Best School Management System Software - ROI on Ireava ERP
ROI on Ireava ERP

Let’s take an example: You have 500 students and 20 staff members So, you purchased a license of Rs. 25,000 per year that means per month you paid Rs. 2083. If we divide per user cost then you are paying 2083/520 = Rs. 4/month. Seriously Rs. 4/month.

Let’s calculate, how much you are saving per user is Rs. 4 investment.

  • Rs. 10/user paper cost
  • Rs. 3/user SMS cost

This means, with an Investment of Rs. 4 you are saving Rs. 9 per user per month. As of total, you are saving 520×9 = Rs. 4680 per month.
If calculate your marketing cost, website cost, and trust-building cost – you are saving more than Rs. 90,000 per year.
So, Ireava ERP provides you more than 3x ROI on your investment per year. Pretty Insane right!

Note: To get perfect school software must compare at least 3 short-listed software. We suggest not to buy software because of the cheap price and looks good. It may lack features, your ERP must be a fully functional solution for your school.

Visit: Ireava ERP for better assistance and ERP solution.

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